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Tyler Smith

Fundraising for Tyler S's Worksman TR16-FD

Tyler has just recently started to show interest in a bike the end of this past summer. He would see his siblings riding their bikes and get overly excited with curiosity. Tyler is to big for an average bike with training wheels, so he would take a two wheeler and use it as a push bike or attempt very hard to ride a small bike with training wheels just to play with his siblings. Tyler is finally wanting to engage with siblings and family in activities and for that is huge!! It would be amazing to be able to give him that chance to do something we all take for granted.

At this time Tyler has just recently learned to ride training wheels and at 11 years old he is tall for his age and finding a bike that will be compatible with him is to expensive to afford.


Fundraising Progress
$185 raised of $675 goal


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Good luck Tyler!!
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