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Autumn Pratt

Fundraising for Cal’Jai M's Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

Hello Everyone, please make a difference in my son’s life and vote for him to be a part of a Great Bike Giveaway Drawing to receive a free Rifton physical therapy tricycle; he deserves it and here’s the reason why:

Six years ago my son (Caljai) was born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and has hydrocephalus. Since birth he’s had 26 brain surgeries and has to wear a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt that relieves pressure on his brain caused by fluid accumulation. Caljai is an amazing little boy. He loves to laugh, clap his hands and sing in his own little way.

His disability prevents him from living a normal life as a child, but since he’s been going to physical therapy and riding the Rifton tricycle it has made a significant difference in his everyday life: he’s learning how to pedal and it’s building his leg strength, improves his balance, coordination, and postural alignment. It also helps him to feel independent and build his self-confidence.

When Caljai rides the tricycle his little face lights up with the biggest brightest smile; he absolutely loves it and it brings happy tears to my eyes to see his progress and to see him pushing the peddle trying hard to get his coordination and the bike moves.

I am so proud of my strong little fighter💙.
He is the definition of the saying “”He Does Not Look Like What He’s Been Through””
Cal’Jai is Our little Miracle boy!

I appreciate everyone that has taken the time to read my son’s story and voted for him. Thank you very much❤️.

This will help with his leg strength, he’s in physical therapy and they have a Rifton over the course of the weeks my son has gotten better at trying to pedal. Every time he rides his little face lights up he absolutely loved it and it bring tears to my of course happy tears. I’m so proud of my strong little fighter. He also has hydrocephalus and since birth he has had 26 brain surgeries. He gives me a purpose!


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$500 raised of $1,850 goal

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1. James Morgan
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Pleasure is all mine. Caljai dreams do come true. Keep hope alive! Love you.
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For Cal’Jai - our miracle little man❤️
6. Nefertari Nkenge
Love you and happy to support! ❤️