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Denise Peck

Fundraising for Devin P's Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!
-Denise Peck

Devin was a 1lb 7oz micro preemie who battled life for over 4.5 months in the ICU. He just turned 18yrs which we just received Guardianship. Devin is a very happy child, but struggles with many independent tasks, still needs to be fed, in diapers and is non verbal. At school he has used a bike and the teachers say he just lights up! At home his sits on the floor and imitates riding a bike moving his feet in the air. He has very little self activity and this would give him such confidence!!


raised of $1,775 goal

Recent Donations

1. In Memory of Edwin Hanechak
2. Patti Noble
My Grandson John received his bike last year thanks to the generosity of family and friends - Paying some of that love forward. The Bikes are wonderful !
3. In Memory of Edwin Hanechak
4. Renee Mercer
Hope Devin loves his new bike!! You are amazing parents.
5. In Memory of Edwin Hanechak
6. Trish Lindsay
Can’t wait to see Devin on his bike!!