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Makel Church

Fundraising for Maven C's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Maven is a silly 7 year old who loves music, spinning and her swing.
She was born with a rare genetic disorder, TSC. Maven has epilepsy and autism. She is nonverbal and visually impaired, so it makes learning new things extra challenging.

Maven makes progress all time and we are so proud of her. We would like to find a new way to help improve her physical activity level and hope a bike she can use would be a new activity she'd enjoy.

Please vote for Mae Mae :)

Maven is a 7 year old who is visually impaired, has epilepsy and autism. Our family is trying to find ways to improve her physical activity level.


Fundraising Progress
$2,370 raised of $3,300 goal


Recent Donations

1. Kyle & Nicole Gomer
2. Jodi Parker
3. Fareeha Naz
4. Jennifer Hill
You are so strong and smart. Keep it up Maven.
5. Kim McKenna
6. Heidi Foster