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Christian Workman

Fundraising for Maria H's Freedom Concepts Tandem

In 2015 Maria was severely injured in a near fatal car accident. She has come a long way since then and looking at her, you wouldn’t even know that she has been through such a storm. We are asking for all the votes that we can get so that she can have a bike for her birthday. We are asking that you share this with friends, family coworkers, anybody that you can so that we can build up the votes. Every vote is important and if you can, please donate as well. Thank you very much.

Her developmental skills have greatly improved and I would like Maria to get a bike so that she can be with her peers. We have been working on finding a bike that is so she is included with her peers.


The beginning of Maria’s journey

Fishing with Special Olympics

Working with scissors at OT

Love her smile

First time roller skating

Enjoying a chicken finger lunch at BK

Various days for Maria

Just 1 bit away from entering the drawing! Tysm!


Fundraising Progress
$45 raised of $5,850 goal


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