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Kaitlin Johnston

Fundraising for Liam J's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Liam was diagnosed with pachygyria (a congenital brain malformation) when he was 2.5 years old after not meeting traditional milestones and when he was 3, he started having seizures as a result. Because of his pachygyria, Liam has motor (fine and gross) delays, speech delays, epilepsy, and muscle weakness. For years we were able to use a toddler trike with a push bar, however since he’s outgrown that we’ve struggled to make other bikes work for him. Not only does he truly love getting to go out on his bike with his little sister and sidekick Emma, it’s so beneficial to him as well! A bike made for Liam would allow him the joy of riding, while providing benefits like working on his coordination, building strength and endurance, while also keeping him safely buckled in which is important because of his epilepsy.

Liam is able to do a lot more than doctors ever expected of him and has come such a long way, but he unfortunately doesn’t have the muscle strength, balance or motor coordination to use a traditional bike. However, he greatly benefits from using a bike, so we have always done our best to rig regular bikes to work for him. He’s gotten too big for that now


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