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Courtney Sroka

Fundraising for Levi S's Trivel T250/T350

This cause is very dear to us, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference!
-Courtney and Tony

Levi is a very active boy. He loves being outdoors and playing in the mud, riding swings and going for walks. He is now interested in riding a bike like all the "big" kids do. Due to his physical limitations standard bicycles and tricycles do not allow him to do this. Being blessed with an adaptive bike would give him the independence that he is so determined to have.


raised of $3,020 goal

Recent Donations

1. Walt And Helen Whimple
2. Tina Sloan
3. Bill And Myra
4. Aunt Millie And Uncle Paul
5. Aunt Anne & Uncle Brien
Love you Levi!
6. Peter Libertucci