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Erica Cirillo

Fundraising for Leigha C's Worksman Side-By-Side Electric

Leigha loves taking bike rides with the family. An electric Bike would be amazing for her to enjoy the ride along her twin brother and sister. Leigha was born with a rare terminal disease. Only 42 children in the world has her disease. Along the way Leigha had other injuries. Leigha has about 20-30 seizures a day, yet still enjoys the beauty of each day. She depends on a wheelchair and communicates by expressions and noises. Leigha brings such happiness with her beautiful smile. She has always overcome any mountains thrown her way. Leigha was recently hospitalized due to her seizures and pneumonia. She beat the odds again. She truly is our little fighter! Please vote for Leigha!! Leigha Strong!

Leigha loves taking bike rides with the family. As Leigha gets older an electric Bike would Be amazing for her To enjoy the ride along Side of us.


Her bestie trying to help her eat

Some OT by the Best


Stronger Everyday!

Stronger Everyday!


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