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Layla Kille

Fundraising for Layla K's Mobility & Access Duet

Thank you for your votes and donations! I would love to have some outdoor adventures on a bike that is adaptive for my needs. I am looking to raise enough donations for the DUET Bike.

Layla loves the outdoors and adventure. The Duet bike would allow her to be able to explore and have fun like any other child! It would bring so much joy into our family’s life to be able to ride her around!


We are so close to the goal! Please continue to share with friends and family for donations. Thank you for continued support! Let’s get this bike funded!!


Donations are accepted thru March 29! We are getting closer to our Goal! Thanks for your continued support. Please share with your friends and family.


Fundraising Progress
$5,020 raised of $4,995 goal


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