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Katrina Kandal

Fundraising for Kashton K's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Thank you so much for visiting our page and voting for my 7 year old son, Kashton!

Kashton loves being outdoors and with his peers but sometimes his wheelchair makes that very difficult. Having a bike that fits his needs would not only let him enjoy a family bike ride or friendly race with his friends it would also help to ensure he's getting enough physical activity! Every child deserves a bike and to experience all the joys childhood has to offer!

Kashton loves being outdoors and with his peers, being wheelchair bound makes that very difficult for him to keep up and get the childhood experiences he deserves!


Cerebral palsy may slow him down but it definitely doesn't stop him!! Enjoying our freshly fallen snow last night with his fur babies and brother!


Thank you all so much for voting, sharing, donating and praying for us!! We are SO close!


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