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Kaci Bujano

Fundraising for Kaci B's Mobility & Access Duet

Kaci has CP but that doesn’t stop her she loves to be outdoors but no longer has the mobility to pedal a bike because of her spasticity.  The duet bike would allow her family to take her out into the community and allow her to socialize with friends and neighbors and an opportunity to make new friends. With COVID she hasn’t been able to get out much so this would be a dream come true

Kaci loves to be outdoors and no longer has the mobility to pedal a bike.


Kaci has been selling handmade crocheted chicks in Easter baskets to raise money for her bike


Kaci loves spending time with her bff

Before COVID Kaci loved spending time with her friends and participating in Special Olympics

Kaci loves the outdoors and spending time with her niece and nephews


Thank you for the donations and your votes, if you have not voted, please do so and if you are having difficulties voting, let us know and we will help you to vote for ,Kaci. Let's help Kaci get a bike. Thanks again. Be Safe


Fundraising Progress
$4,670 raised of $4,670 goal


Recent Donations

1. Kaci Bujano
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Good luck with your bike
4. The Browns
To My Beastie from her BFF and family
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6. Barbara Jermyn
Enjoy riding this summer Kaci!!!