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Jennifer Kiesling

Fundraising for Brielle "Junie" K's Triaid Tuff Trike

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!
-Jennifer Kiesling

Junie is 11 years old and has multiple disabilities which prevent her from learning to ride a bike. She is legally blind due to congenital glaucoma and also has Autism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, and a Mild Cognitive Impairment. Her low vision and heightened sensory sensitivities make it impossible for her to ride a traditional bike and she has outgrown all of the conventional tricycles available on the market.


raised of $645 goal

Recent Donations

2. Mckay Cooper
Good Luck Junie !!!
3. Sheperd Of The Hills Lutheran Church
4. Sarah Ralph
Have fun riding your new bike June bug!!
5. Helen L. Kiesling
Happy bike riding
6. Grant And Joelle Welch
Looking forward to seeing you cruising on your new bike next time we visit!