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Adeline Sin

Fundraising for Jonah C's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

We are hoping to get an adaptive bike for Jonah that will provide trunk support and foot support as he has outgrown his little toddler bike.

This adaptive bike will let him enjoy the spring and summer days that are coming soon and will increase his mobility by teaching his legs what the pedalling motion should feel like.

Jonah faces various challenges such as visual impairment, cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities so he would really benefit from an adaptive bike.

Please vote today and put a smile on Jonah's face!

Jonah has an extremely rare genetic mutation resulting in several disabilities which include visual impairment (legally blind), cerebral palsy, intellectual disability and autism. He has outgrown his little toddler bike and is unable to support himself in a traditional kids bike.


Fundraising Progress
$405 raised of $3,300 goal


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