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Jeren Sauceda

Fundraising for Jeren S's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Hi! Jeren was diagnosed with Infintile Spams at 4 months. He’s been battling Epilepsy since and had brain surgery at the age of 2 which left him partially paralyzed on his left side. He started working on an adaptive bike during his physical therapy visits and really enjoyed it. We’re hoping you will help us obtain one of his own! We appreciate your support!! God Bless

Jeren has multiple seizures a day and after brain surgery he was left with partial mobility with left side.


Fundraising Progress
$130 raised of $2,850 goal

Recent Donations

1. Susie Vargas
Best of luck Jeren! Strong boy!
2. Keith Whitaker
3. Al & Gloria Stock
4. Art And Chris Tigerina
Go Jeren!