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Pamela Lang

Fundraising for James L's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

I present to this fine community a chance to do a very fine thing.

We need your help! No amount is too small.

If you have a business that can match donations, there is a handly little link for that too.

The campaign ends on March 7.
Thank you!

TIA xoxoxoxoxo

James is an only child with developmental delays from a brain tumor he was diagnosed with at nine months old. Five years of treatment and a later autism diagnosis has left him with a limited ability to get what he deeply wants: friends and the social experiences he sees his peers enjoying. This bike will help him physically, emotionally, and socially. He is an outgoing and thoughtful child. This bike will lower the wall between isolation and active participation with the outside world


We are getting so close! You did this!


Born to be Wild!

I Can't Drive 55!


raised of $2,775 goal

Recent Donations

1. Stephen Lippens
2. Julie Steigerwald
3. Doug McBane
4. Mark McDevitt
5. Gina Lockard
God Bless! I wish I could see him riding.
6. Dirk Maust
Enjoy your new bike??