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Erin Hinson

Fundraising for Henry H's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Henry (7) has always loved riding his accessible trike, but sadly he has outgrown his original bike. Henry is a full time wheelchair user and has no leg function below his hips. Riding a bike has always been great for helping Henry’s legs receive the much needed stretch and exercise he is unable to get from walking. Henry would love to be able to go on long bike rides with his family; however, Henry does not have the muscle tone or muscle stamina to go for long bike rides independently on a hand crank bike. Having this tandem bike would afford Henry the opportunity to still get the exercise biking offers and fun he can enjoy with his family. This new bike would provide Henry (and his family) the freedom to explore the outdoors and enjoy longer bike rides as a family. Thanks for voting for Henry!

Henry loved riding his bike when he was younger, but he has outgrown his original bike and has missed biking with his family. He would like I new bike to be able to enjoy bike rides with his family again.


Fundraising Progress
$190 raised of $5,800 goal


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Always glad to help my Henry!
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