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Kristen Daniel

Fundraising for Jayden L's Flaghouse Port-O-Trike

This cause is very close and dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!
-Kristen Daniel

Jayden is a rambunctious seven year old. She is legally disabled and has moderate Autism. She is a "bigger" kid for a seven year old.She has issues with balance on a bike with training wheels (they also don't support her weight and give her any support) Over 5ft tall, kids bike are not make for kids like her. I want her to have the ability to be able to ride a bike with security and confidence so she can ride her bike with family and peers.


We are almost halfway there!! Without all of you, this would not have been possible. Thank you, all of you, for caring. For helping Jayden thrive to be the best she can be!


In case someone is hesitant to use a credit card you can also mail a check to Yes! Donations can be made by check. All checks should be made out to Friendship Circle. In the memo put GBG and the name of the individual or team that should be credited. Individual- Kristen Daniel and Jayden L Checks should be mailed to: Friendship Circle/Great Bike Giveaway 6892 West Maple Road West Bloomfield MI 48322

I just wanted to add that if for some reason, Jayden exceeds her goal of the fundraising, the added funding will go to other children that are trying to raise money for their bikes, so it will pay it forward to another child!!


For those that know her, Jayden has the largest heart that I know! She loves, she thrives, and she tries so desperately to make friends. Jayden really want to be able to ride a bike, independently. She is unsteady on her toes, and does not feel safe and secure on an average bike. Regular bicycles will not hold her weight and training wheel are not made for special needs kids. Adaptive bicycles are expensive, and we cannot do this alone. We want to raise awareness and be able to allow our daughter the chance at mobility freedom. She'd love to be able to go fast and feel the breeze in her hair. With this fundraiser and YOUR help, we could change her life for the better. We are trying to raise the funding so she can be a kid, and to be able to cruise down the street safely with friends and family. I wouldn't ask for support and help if she didn't need or deserve this. Please help my "lil" punkin, (our nickname for her), to be able to achieve her life to the fullest! IF all my family, friends (old and new ones we can make on this journey), could contribute to her cause of getting a bike, we could make this the best year for her! The Great Bike Giveaway is amazing opportunity for all kids with disabilities to reach their dreams. We are trying to raise 855 for this amazing bicycle for her. Please help her reach her goal. With a little compassion, empathy, and your donation, we could make this dream come true for this beautiful girl. Any amount will help, and if you cannot help financially, if you could share her page and her message, we could make this a reality. Good vibes appreciated! Thank you for visiting our page!


raised of $855 goal

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Hope this gets you over the hump. Uncle Paul and Aunt Linda
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From one Great Bike Giveaway participant to another: We saw you were close and wanted to help you reach your goal. Happy riding!
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Enjoy your bike Jayden!
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