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Kelly Sindowski

Fundraising for Harrison S's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

So when Harrison was 4 an amazing organization (TFLF)donated an adaptive bike for H. He was hooked since that day. Harrison LOVES being on an adaptive bike and it is the ONLY time we are able to give him a glimpse of the world outside of our safely enclosed back yard. The bike keeps him secure and while he isn't able to steer himself, these bikes allow us to steer for him from the back. Harrison has sadly outgrown his first bike so we are hoping we get tons of votes so he can be back on a bike this Summer.

My son is non verbal and has severe cognitive delay. He was also born with a rare seizure disorder. He does not have freedom outside of our yard as he has no concept of danger ao has to be enclosed safely. A bike gives him the ability to see the world outside of his yard in a safe and controlled manner. He uses one at his special needs school and LOVES it. He is unable to maneuver it himself so an adaptive bike we can push is perfect


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