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Hanna Haberman

Fundraising for Hanna H's Triaid TMX

Thank you very much. I can't wait to ride my bike and keep up with my brother and sister. They are faster than me. But I'm gonna be passing them on my bike with your help. Thank you Hanna

Hanna is unable to ride her current bike because she is unsteady and is unable to obtain balance we have worked with Hanna alot to try and teach her to balance her bike and unfortunately even putting training wheels on the bike Hannah was unsteady and fell over we were told the best bike for Hannah would be a trike it has larger tires and a wider wheelbase which will help her to stay balanced and keep steady. Hannah wants to ride a bike so bad. Being able to get this trike for her a blessing


raised of $1,250 goal

Recent Donations

1. Kim Williamson
2. Darlena Cortez
These donations were made by the amazing people and FWC church who love you very much. And Debbie McLarnon
3. Bre Polacik
4. Jennifer Carlson
Enjoy your new bike Miss Hanna!
5. Chris Hahn
6. Warren Williamson
Enjoy sweetheart! Uncle keith and aunt Barb love you all