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Carol Ross

Fundraising for Haley R's Mobility & Access Orion

There are so many special needs children who could benefit from 'The Great Bike Giveaway"! As a funds are completed for each participant's bike, additional funds will be donated toward another.
Our daughter Haley is 15 years old with non verbal autism. She is a sweet young girl who would greatly benefit, especially with exercise and family bonding with the use of this bike.
Thank you,
The Ross Family

Haley loved riding tandem when she was young. She was so funny & squealed like the Geico piggy. She’d scream “Wee!” when she rode and loved the wind in her face! She is now 15 and afraid to ride tandem. She would love to ride again alongside a family member with this awesome bike! Please consider donating to Haley. TIA



raised of $5,627 goal

Recent Donations

1. Susan Green
Haley deserves a sweet ride!
2. Deedee Napoliello
3. Audrey Case
Hope to see Haley ride by my house!
4. Jacob White
Yay ...we can go riding together!!!!!