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Hailey Miller

Fundraising for Hailey M's Freedom Concepts Odyssey

Hailey struggles to participate in most of the everyday activities that children enjoy; however, she has always been determined to do as much as she can. One thing Hailey seems to really enjoy is bike riding. Although we have tried the standard adaptive bike, it does not offer enough support for Hailey. Hailey needs a bike that offers her better positioning and support of her upper body so she can focus on moving her legs to pedal the bike. The Freedom Concepts Odyssey looks perfect for Hailey.  Please vote for Hailey and help her win this amazing bike!

Hailey has significant physical limitations due to her diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She is unable to sit in an upright position without significant support. Due to her muscle tone and contractures, she is unable to extend her arms fully and she has difficulty reaching the handle bars. It is also very difficult for her to pedal, but with the right positioning, she is able to pedal independently.


Fundraising Progress
$1,290 raised of $3,800 goal


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