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Melissa Acevedo

Fundraising for Hailey A's Freedom Concepts Tandem

If you have ever met our Hailey you would know she has the most infectious smile. Hailey has had some huge set backs due to her seizures and moving every feed years due to her fathers Army career. We want our daughter to do be able to participate in things that most kids get to do. We have always wanted a bike for her but with lack of funds and insurance not covering it it was put on the back burner. This would give her some independence as well as normalcy for Hailey. Please donate to help her out 💜

She is unable to operate a regular bike. She was using one at her school while we are stationed in Virginia. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain a bike with our insurance do to all the other equipment we have needed. This would give her and our family so much more freedom.


Fundraising Progress
$315 raised of $5,800 goal


Recent Donations

1. Lourdes Batres
2. Mrs Wood
I know how much you love the outdoors H.A., can’t wait to see your adventures on a bike!
3. Nicole Query
4. John Acevedo
5. Jordan Caro
6. Denise Durán
Blessings and good luck! 🌺