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Griffin Shales

Fundraising for Griffin S's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Our son, Griffin, is 8 yrs old and has cerebral palsy. He is a ray of sunshine who brings a smile to the face of everyone he meets.

Griffin can't ride a traditional bike. When he was little he loved zooming around town behind his mom or dad in a bike chariot....something he has missed for a number of years now that he has outgrown the chariots.

Getting this adapted tandem bike would allow Griffin to enjoy family bike rides again while also providing him an important opportunity to exercise his body and strengthen his legs.

Please help make this a reality. Your vote & support is greatly appreciated!

Biking is an activity that we used to enjoy as a family. Unfortunately, since Griffin has outgrown the chariot it's something we haven't been able to enjoy together in years. While Griffin is able to pedal an adapted bike on short distances, the effort required makes this activity difficult for him to sustain for more than a few minutes. We are hopeful that a tandem bike will allow us to go back to enjoying biking and outdoor exercise as a family.


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$5,872.75 raised of $5,850 goal


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