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Molly Menard

Fundraising for Molly M's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Thank you in advance for all and any support towards a great cause. Please consider helping me get a new bike to ride with my sister. My old bike was wonderful but sadly I have grown to tall. A supportive bike for a kid like me is hard to come by. Please help me get my freedom back again
-Molly Menard.

Molly has many challenges physically and cognitively. Mainly, Cerebral Palsy affects her ability to to move in many ways. From the start a theraputic bike has helped Molly develop connections between her brain and body and eventually was able to pedal on her own. Sadly she grew out her bike and can no longer ride it. With your help. We can get Molly pedaling again


raised of $5,250 goal

Recent Donations

1. Ronald Bauer
2. Corron Grasela
This is donated in Memory of Edmond Dube, Deb's father- in -law. He loved children and I know he would think this is a worthy cause.
3. Corron Grasela
I know how much kids enjoy the freedom a bike can give them, so I hope you get her one soon.
4. Kelly Blunt
5. Sam Therrien
Hope you raise what you need quickly, have fun!
6. Tiffany Smith
Good luck Molly!