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Sherry Patrick

Fundraising for Felix P's Mobility & Access Duet

Thank you for checking out this amazing campaign, My name is Sherry Patrick I am beyond honored to be the mother of this amazing young man. He rarely asks for anything, but he loves to ride and he loves being outside. So, for him we are asking for your help. Felix is 27 and wheelchair bound. He has Cerebral Palsy and spinal cerebral ataxia (No cure,) while he can I want him to have that experience the excitement that makes his world go around by being able to ride a bike, and for me and his dad to make those memories with him. Please consider what you can do to help if it just a vote thank you, if it is a donation thank you. We appreciate anything you can do to help.

My son loves to get outside he is 27 and wheelchair bound. He loves to ride and he has wanted a bike foe years we just could not afford. He has cp and spinal cerebral ataxia (No cure,) while he can I want him to have that excitement and make those memories with him.


Please consider helping Felix! We are home bound most of the time, and we would really like to be able to take him riding. He tells me "aha" ( yes please) "aha" (yes please) everytime he sees someone on a bike.


Felix is greeting people at our church this boy love to be outside and Ride anything that has wheels.

Wow! what a blessing you all are for your love to Felix. We greatly appreciate each of you. Please share this and get it out to as many as you can greatbikegiveaway.com/felix


Felix loves to ride and everytime we see a bike he says aha aha mine momma mine aha please! They are so expensive we have taken care of needs not wants through the years! It is time for a want for this amazing fun loving young man! Help him to get his bike!! Thank you!


Fundraising Progress
$1,065 raised of $4,670 goal


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1. Priscilla R Karow
2. Dawn Reynolds
3. Alane Aihara
Aloha from Maui, Hawaii! I loved your post on Quarantine Karaoke and enjoyed your singing so much! Felix will get that Bike because he has a loving mom like you. 🥰
4. Cindy Fasick
I hope there is a bike in your future! 😃
5. Carrie Cantrell
6. Linda Smith
Love y’all!! ❤️