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Michelle Berg

Fundraising for Emma B's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Emma is 4 years old and she has Down Syndrome. Two weeks before her 3rd birthday Emma was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

My brave cancer warrior is 1 year into her treatment plan for cancer. The chemotherapy steroid has suppressed her adrenal glands, so along with her daily chemotherapy medications, Emma takes a therapeutic dose of steroids.
Emma braves multiple finger pokes per day to check her blood sugar.

Every 12 weeks Emma is placed under anesthesia for a Lumbar Puncture, cerebral fluid is taken for testing and she then recieves intrathecal methotrexate. Once a month Emma's port is accessed, it was surgically placed when she was diagnosed with cancer. She then recieves intravenous immunotherapy and chemotherapy medications. Her immunoglobulin are low due to the chemotherapy she recieves.

Despite all that Emma has been through, Emma is still the most amazing, spirited, and loving person I know!

A special needs bicycle would help Emma immensely! Occasions to allow her to just be a kid is so important as she navigates this cancer journey.

Increased physical activity will help her to stay positive and as physically healthy as possible.

Emma will learn coordination and balance, and help her improve her low muscle tone and stamina.

Learning to ride a bike will encourage her to have an active lifestyle and the skills she masters through bike riding will help her confidence to take on new activities.

Being active will help Emma to better her overall health. This is also incredibly important as she continues her battle against Leukemia.

A special bicycle would help Emma learn coordination and balance. A bicycle would also help her improve her low muscle tone and stamina. And help her to have an improved active lifestyle and help better her overall health, this is incredibly important as she continues her battle against Leukemia.


Fundraising Progress
$3,300 raised of $3,300 goal

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My little girl also has Down syndrome and was diagnosed with ALL in April 2016. We were able to get her an amazing adaptive bike because of this program. She is now in remission and living a normal kid life. I wish you all the best and know that Emma will kick cancer’s butt! ❤️
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