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Diego Hernandez

Fundraising for Diego H's Van Raam Easy Rider Jr

Diego is a very active, happy 10 year old boy with Spina Bifida, which affects his balance and the strenght and control of his lower extremities, among other challenges. He has gone through 8 surgeries from the day he was born. He loves riding bikes! He had a trycicle when he was little, then a bike with training wheels. He outgrew the bike 2 years ago (the training wheels would not hold him and the bike tipped over). He hasn't ridden a bike since. He'll be 11 on Feb 13, and would love to have this bike! Thanks for your vote!

Diego is very active and loves riding bikes. He had a trycicle wgen he was little, then a bike with training wheels, but he outgrew them 2 years ago (they would buckle and the bike tip over). He'll be 11 on Feb 13 and hasn't ridden a bike since.


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