Our daughter Dayton is a active, high energy, life loving, thrill seeking, amazing and spontaneous girl. She enjoys being outside, being with her brothers at skate parks, and participating in most all that they do. She also happens to have been born with Spina Bifida which does not allow her the mobility of her lower half of her body. An adaptive bike would provide her access to being a mobile participant in more activities outside of our home with her brothers, friends, and parents. Instead of being wheeled in her chair, Dayton could experience the trails of our neighborhood in new ways and allow her to adventure like more mobile 6 year olds do. We are hoping that by having access to an adaptive bicycle, Dayton, will further see that her mobility outshines her disability and she can enjoy the freedom of a full and adventurous life both in her youth and into adulthood. Thank you for your consideration. We appreciate organizations such as yours that allow our child to experience the little things that make their lives feel bigger.