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Sarahann Powell

Fundraising for David P's Van Raam Easy Rider Jr

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!
-Sarahann Powell

David LOVES to be outdoors! He is fairly high functioning but core strength and balance are his biggest struggles. We have purchased bikes for him his whole life but have gotten to the point where he has gotten too big for bikes with training wheels. He has a smaller low-rider tricycle type bike but his legs are getting too long for it!!! David would love to be able to ride with his sister, cousin and the other neighborhood children again!


raised of $3,320 goal

Recent Donations

1. Elizabeth Bowers
You did it, David!
2. David’s Friend, Cameron
This donation was given my David’s classmate, Cameron. She emptied her piggy bank to help David purchase his bike!!!
3. David’s Friend, Garrett
This donation was given by David’s classmate, Garrett, who gave his birthday money to help David get his bike!!!
4. Mount Pleasant Pediatric Speech Therapy
We love you Powell Family! We couldn’t think of a better kiddo to deserve such an awesome bike!
5. Veronica Roman
Sending Love & Blessings from one PICK family to another. Enjoy David!
6. Lynsey Hatch
I hope you continue to be an inspiration, David. Miss you all!