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Cyrus Kotraba

Fundraising for Cyrus K's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Hi! My name is Cyrus and I love to be outdoors and spend time with my family. When I was younger and smaller, I went on bike rides with my family by sitting in the bike trailer with my twin sister. Now that we are both 9 years old, she is able to ride a bike on her own while I continue to practice. I have used adaptive bikes during outpatient therapy and at my school and I love to ride! I dream about having my own adaptive bike so that I may take part in family bike rides again. I am grateful for The Great Bike Giveaway and look forward to the opportunity for a bike of my own. I can picture myself riding alongside my family especially with the warm weather upcoming. Thank you for taking the time to view my page and thank you for voting. Sending you Lots of Love, Cyrus.

Cyrus loves to be outdoors and spend time with his family. When he was younger and smaller, we were able to bike ride as a family using a bike trailer. Now that he has grown, he does not have a way to join in on family bike rides. He enjoys using an adaptive bike at his school and would love to have one of his own. We are looking forward to family. bike rides with the upcoming warm weather!




Take a peek below of a few highlights of my wheeled life journey so far!

This is me using my second wheelchair.

One of the first bikes my family adapted for me. I loved to be pushed!

Trying out an adaptive two wheeled speedster.

Practice peddling with my hot rod tricycle.

One of my last rides using the bike trailer.

Exploring the bike at school.

Riding at school!


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