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Cristian Serrato

Fundraising for Cristian S's Mobility & Access Duet

Hello friends. Please help me give Cristian another way to enjoy the great outdoors. We have been searching for a magic (special needs) bike for her so that she can go on rides with us. When we take her running she loves the outdoors and the freedom it provides. She feels so happy that she doesn’t want it to end. Our goal is get her this special bike so she can have bigger adventures with us and be happier. Please help us make her one of her dreams come true. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Cristian has a vibrant active soul but unfortunately her Parkinsonism uses her body as a trap that won’t let her do anything. Our family is active and we would love to take her to the beautiful outdoors more often but without a bike for her it’s difficult to always take her with us. This would really help.


Fundraising Progress
$1,090 raised of $4,995 goal


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