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Michele Meekins

Fundraising for Connor M's Freedom Concepts Tandem

Hi everyone

My names Michele i am the mom of a special needs son Connor, We live in salvo and Connor goes to Cape Hatterass Elementary School(CHES) He is almost 7 years old, he has CP is trach and g-tube dependent he is non verbal and non mobile he can take wait on his legs and take a couple steps with help. I am coming to my community to ask for your help. Connor is entered in the Great Bike Giveaway, we registered Connor for the great bike giveaway because like everything that has the label special needs or adapted the cost is through the roof and my family in the current economic climate could not afford to buy him a bike, as a mother this completely breaks my heart.
Being a special needs mom is so rewarding, but heart breaking to as you watch helpless as they go through medical issues,seizures ect, and everything a "normal" child would take for granted they have to fight for and toys, bikes ect the price makes it unattainable to most people, but every child deserves a bike. Connor has been through so much in his life but he is always happy and has the biggest most infectious smile. He is a very happy, loving and caring child. Connors CP effects the left side of his body that's why we chose the bike this bike Connor can help pedal when he gets some strength in his legs,
to help build that strength I can peddle and let his peddles turn so that although he's not peddling he's still getting the exercise needed to strengthen his legs. And when he's tired or needs a rest, Connors peddles can be turned of completely he can relax and enjoy the ride, while I peddle him around. the bikes recommended age starts at 7,
Connor is 7 on march 24th so he will get a lot of use out of the bike before we have to think about getting to small. please help make Connor's dream become a reality .

We live on a small island with the nearest physio therapy an hour away, and have the benefit of a very long bike path, it is a good way to get outside and exercise both mentally and physically, he has spastic quadriplegic cp, so has limited use of his left side this bike would be amazing to go long bike rides with him only having to pedal when he feels able to. These bikes are very expensive and only my husband works, I stay home to care for Connor, disabled bikes are not attainable on our budge


Celebrating being 7 and getting my bike ❤️

Words can not express the joy/happiness I feel right now, I won't to thank everyone who donated and voted for Connor, we are gonna to have so much fun for years to come, thank you from the bottom of my heart and from Connor


Early morning stroller ride ❤️


Some more of our shells to make people smile


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has donated or voted for Connor, it really means the world to Connor and I, this bike will change his life in a big way x


Some more shells we made

Connor and his nana visiting Santa Christmas 2021

Connor, pic was taken in January


Connor and his family make rocks and shells and hide them around town to make people smile, because smiling is Connors fav thing to do ❤️ #Connorsrocka on facebook

Connors shells we make a hide to make people happy, check his page out #Connorsrocks

Thank you from the bottom of heart to everyone who has donated so far, we still have a long way to go, share share share !,


Connor is a very happy child and loves being outdoors, he would love this so much, our community has helped so much with fundraising for hospital stays and surgery's. They say it takes a village to raise a child and so we're asking our community to help make this little boys dream come true 😀


Fundraising Progress
$5,800 raised of $5,800 goal


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