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Jessica Fragoso

Fundraising for Nicholas P's Van Raam OPair

Nicholas is a sweet 16 year old boy, who is fighting a big battle. Lucky for him, the love that surrounds him is even bigger! Nicholas aka "Cheech", is the oldest of 6 kids. His siblings are his biggest supporters and devote their time every single day, to help take care of him. Nicholas was born with a very rare genetic deletion, Proximal 7q deletion. He stumps every doctor he meets! Along with this diagnosis, Nicholas also has one of the most severe forms of epilepsy there is, Lennox-Gestaut Syndrome. This diagnoses brings hundreds of seizures a day but thanks to medical cannabis, Nicholas's seizures have reduced over 90%!!! These medical issues have lead to many other struggles for Cheech. He is battling Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Dyshidrotic Eczema and severe Sleep Apnea.We just received the devastating call from his doctors this past Friday, that Nicholas's sleep apnea is life threatening and he will need to get a tracheotomy in the next couple of months. This news is bringing a whole new reality to all of our lives. All these hurdles in Nicholas's way has made his life very different than "typical" kids. He doesn't get to enjoy most of the activities that kids his age partake in, especially going for bike rides! Covid has made life even harder for Nicholas. Being immune compromised means Nicholas has not been able to got to school for a year and has only been able to leave the house for doctors appointments. Receiving this bike would be a game changer! He would be able to experience the joy of a bike ride with his family, he will get a chance to see the world in a way never afforded to him before! Nicholas has been working on an adaptive bike with his PT at Seattle Children's and is nothing but smiles and laughter the whole time! Getting to take bike rides everyday would bring so much joy to his heart. Thank you for taking the time to read Nicholas's story and for making the life of a special needs child, a little bit brighter.

Nicholas is the oldest of 6 children. He's never had the opportunity to take bike rides with his siblings. This bike will give him freedom and an experience, like he's never had before.


Fundraising Progress
$6,500 raised of $6,500 goal


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1. Joanne Hickam
2. LRI/Murrey's Disposal
LRI and Murrey's Disposal are proud to support this great cause. Enjoy the bike, Cheech!!
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