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Chase Christensen

Fundraising for Chase C's Van Raam OPair

Meet Chase! Chase is the most energetic, vibrant 10 year old around. Chase is a fifth grader at Menifee Union School District and is often on the Honor Roll. He enjoys playing video games, creating YouTube videos, power soccer, swimming, and playing with his dog, Purdy.  He has a positive attitude and a great sense of humor.  He’s everybody’s best friend, a force to be reckoned with, a truly powerful person.  

 Chase was born with a condition called AMC, Arthrogryposis Multiple Congenital/Amyoplasia. Arthrogryposis causes contractures in the joints and severity varies in each affected individual. Amyoplasia is absent muscle development. Chase is affected in all four of his extremities, so he is unable to stand or walk, and he has no movement in his hands and arms.  If you’re interested in learning more, please visit: https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/arthrogryposis-multiplex-congenita/. 

 Before becoming a mother of a child with a physical disability, I never imagined the limitations life had for people differently-abled.   All any mother wants is for their child to have a “normal” childhood, but for families like mine, we balance fun with necessity on a daily basis.  I no longer take for granted things like using the restroom, changing clothes, moving from one position to another while sitting on the couch.  

 My husband and I do everything we possibly can to give Chase the same experiences of a typical kid his age, and I am proud of the accomplishments we have made as a family, but more importantly of Chase for reminding me of what it is to be truly humble and kind.  

When I think about what winning this adaptive bike would mean to Chase, the benefits are simply limitless.  The independence it will bring him along with the family memories we can make going to the beach, going camping, or just hanging out in the front yard bring tears to my eyes. Being able to be outside out of his chair and cruising around on a bike would mean the world to him and our family. 

 I think anyone who learned to ride a bike can remember the feeling of freedom they had the first time the wind hit their hair.  Chase deserves that burst of freedom.  He deserves the wind in his hair.  He deserves a heart full of excitement and joy.    

 Thank you for taking the time to read our campaign. Please consider voting for Chase and sharing this post.  We hope you and your family #chaseyourdreams today and everyday! <3

Chase is unable to stand, walk, and has no movement in his upper extremities. He needs this bike because having this bike would allow him to experience new adventures outside of his wheelchair.


One more thing, the contest isn't over yet. The next little guy in line to get the bike could use your votes! If you search for Katherine Mcauliffe you can vote for him on his page. Chase is fully funded so no need to vote, share,or donate to him. Let’s try to make it happen for another deserving babe!

Posting this update a little late, but we raised the money for Chase to get this super awesome bike! Thank you to everyone who voted, shared and donated! And an extra big thanks to the CAMP fam for coming through with a big donation and locking it in for our big guy! https://www.facebook.com/743760105772851/ I can't wait for our new adventures! I keep teasing Chase that I'm going to have a bike parade lol! We are so grateful and feel amazingly blessed to have so much love and support! Thank you 100x!


Hello friends and family ❤ There are no words to describe the amount of love and appreciation we are feeling right now! Wow! We are less than a week into the contest and we almost have enough money to purchase the bike! And the donations and votes keep pouring in! For those of you that have been asking, if Chase wins by vote, the money we earn will go to another in need of one of these awesome bikes. So no matter what the results, we are winning ❤ Again, thank you so much! Chase is so excited to see all your comments and support! We are beyond grateful 🙏


Always cruzin' 😎

Living his best life 😋

Family vacation at Pismo Beach ❤

Hiking an "easy" trail is not so easy in a power wheelchair! Good thing we brought extra muscle that day.

Power soccer tournament

Chase and Purdy

Always smiling


Fundraising Progress
$6,625 raised of $6,500 goal


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1. Jeannie E Moore
I'm rooting for you Chase!!! You've GOT THIS!!!
2. Professional Plumbing Solutions
God Bless
3. Collaborative Autism Management Programs Inc.
We are excited to see all the adventures this bike will take you on Chase!!
4. Tiffani Mccoskey
5. Mike T
Much love little dude hope you enjoy the new chair ❤️
6. Amir Tadros