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Charles Liechti

Fundraising for Charles L's Freedom Concepts Tandem


He is considered non-verbal (uses a speech device to talk), visually impaired (limited sight), has quad cerebral palsy (effects all 4 limbs), is a high seizure risk, and is failure to thrive so uses a G-tube for nutrition.
By Wednesday, March 25 he reached & exceeded the bike goal!

Thank you for helping Charles in his quest of getting an adaptive bike. In the future we hope to host a biking event in our community. Any additional money raised on this site will go to assist other kids in their fundraising.

UPDATE -- BIKE ARRIVED on May 13 and he loves it!

Has Quad CP - able to keep self on a regular bike, but enjoys time outdoors


Pedaling going good

Bike Test - day 1


Fundraising Progress
$5,950 raised of $5,950 goal

Recent Donations

1. Anonymous
$$ raised by Carroll First United Methodist Church's kids bake sale & church friends.
2. Darlys Halbur
Take along an itsy bitsy spider on your ride!
3. Charles Liechti
Thanks for the donations from friends, family, and Carroll Legion.
4. Theressa Hanson
5. Feld Fire
We hope you enjoy your new bike for many years to come Charles!
6. Anonymous
Hoping you have lots of happiness on your bike Charlie!