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Shayna Laporte

Fundraising for Camron S's Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

Riding a bike is so much more than just a fun outside activity for a kid like Cam. It’s a way for him to stretch his legs/hips without feeling like he’s doing work. A typical bike just isn’t possible for Cam since he needs support to sit upright, and this bike would provide that for him. Being able to do things that other kids can do is so freeing for Cam since he’s limited with a lot of things. It’d make him so happy to have this opportunity!

Camron would love to be able to ride a bike but is unable to ride typical bikes. He isn’t able to sit up unassisted because of his muscle tone. He has had a hip surgery, muscle releases in his legs and receives regular Botox injections. Riding a bike would be excellent therapy for his legs/hips.


Fundraising Progress
$1,850 raised of $1,850 goal


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1. William Conrad
2. Melissa Thatcher
3. Lori Gannon
I worked with Cam for several years at NES and I will always miss him. Terrific kid with a heart of gold! ❤️
4. Dennis Flynn
5. Preston Aucoin
6. Douglas Aucoin