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Laura Perez

Fundraising for Isabella A's Van Raam OPair

Hello! We want you to take some time and meet Bella. She is a wonderful girl, who loves to be with her family, Bella specially loves to play with her brother Samuel. Bella is currently in 4th grade and for the first time is doing home school, which she loves! During her free time Bella likes to go out and play and also loves to learn languages, today she is very fluent at English, Spanish and French but she wants to learn more, that is why last summer she started learning Korean. Nothing stops our wonderful girl to be a very successful girl, she is very persistent and kind.

Bella would love to have this bike to be able to go long distances with her family during the spring, summer and fall time.


It is here!!! New adventures to come

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you!! Yesterday Bella got her bike and couldn’t be happier. So far we explored a trail today and was so wonderful. We can even bring her brother Samuel in the back to enjoy the rides along.


Hello! I have been trying to reach every person who helped us win to say thank you! , I can’t even imagine how many votes we got but they kept us #1 for so long. This is amazing! Bella not only got her dream bike but also raised money to help others get theirs.


We are almost there! Thank you so much ❤️❤️🚲🚲


We are so close ! Thank you everyone, let’s keep Bella in first place, she is ready to go further with this amazing bike.


Samuel cheering for his beloved sister


I read Bella every message today and she was inspired to write a poem. Thank you again! We are here today because of all of you!!

Wow!! We can’t even believe what is happening now. We have such a wonderful community, so many wonderful people around us and even far from us. We are not only keeping our first place but also getting so many donations!! Thank you.


Today on our driveway enjoying the nice weather after school. Did I mention she is rocking Online School? We are so proud of her !

Hello! We are amazed and can’t tell you how happy we feel with all the love. We are today in first position and could have not been here without everyone’s support. Let’s keep sharing this page and win this bike for Bella. She deserves it !


Best fall activity in Iowa

Look at that big smile that never vanishes.

Some years ago. She is still Dad’s fan


We are so happy we went up one position!!! Please keep sharing our link we have some more day to win.


Bella’s calendar was a success. She draw with her eye gaze Tobii

Bella’s project to help kids in USA and Colombia

We are so grateful we have your support.


Getting some love from her little brother !

We are so thankful we have so many people who are helping us get Bella this bike. We are in the top 5 thanks to all of you. We know that if you have met Bella you have been enchanted by her personality. She is sweet, kind, cheerful, resilient, brave and more importantly a girl who can’t stop fighting for what it’s right for everyone.


After some days of very cold water we finally started to feel some warmth of the sun. Bella loves playing with the snow!

A day to enjoy snow

Crazy hat day at school


Bella has always been surrounded by so many people who love her, she is a lucky girl to have all your support in getting this bike. We are amazed at how many days we have been within the five people with a chance to get the bike and we will keep looking into ways to make Bella go up on the table. Thank you for all the help!!!


Summer 2020

Little Bo-peep Halloween 2019


Last summer

With mom!

Having fun with her brother Samue. Hoping they can go for bike rides together

Standing on Lake Geneva

Bella was very happy going to the ice castle in Lake Geneva, WI on Friday. She really enjoys snow and ice, being outdoors has been difficult lately because it has been so cold in the Midwest, we can’t wait for the weather to get warmer and enjoy more family time with nature.


Here is my beautiful girl Bella. She has shown us since day one how to be brave, how to get our dreams come true. Bella has done so many things, with only 10 years she has been able to get to the hearts of so many people. Bella is a girls who never gives up and tries her best to get what she wants.


One of the things Bella likes the most


This is celebrating Bella’s 10th Birthday in a tree house

Bella loves school, she is in 4th grade doing online school with Christine Grant Elementary . Bella’s strengths are reading, writing, drawing and math.


My 10 years old daughter Bella. She loves to read and play. She is a great artist and enjoys using her eye track device to create art. Recently Bella created a calendar to sell to friends and family and the proceeds from it were donated to different organizations. She always has big dreams.

Bella 10 years old


Fundraising Progress
$4,760 raised of $6,500 goal


Recent Donations

1. Caitlin S Massey
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Good luck Bella! 🙂
3. Cheryl Bombei
Go Bella!!
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Good luck! Keep helping others!
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