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Ninoshka Garcia

Fundraising for Ayanaliz G's Freedom Concepts Discovery Series

Ayanaliz was born with a condition called Spina Bifida, which left her with little to no feeling from the waist down. Doctors told us she would never walk, she would be confined to a wheelchair and she has proved so many doctors wrong as Ayanaliz has made huge strides in her short 11 years of life. At just 10 months old she began showing signs of wanting to bear weight on her legs, so I advocated to have AFO’s (leg braces) made for her at such a young age. At 11 months old she received her very first pair of AFO’s and we immediately started physical therapy which included weigh bearing and taking steps with her walker, which she mastered by the age of 14 months!! She walked independently at the age of 4 with her AFO’s, four months before her 5th birthday! Prior to that she would walk with her walker and use a wheelchair for long distances. She’s walked with and without adaptive assistance and in the last couple of years her walking has decreased dramatically, leaving her feeling most comfortable in her wheelchair, but with the desire to walk again. Four years ago she was introduced to this Freedom Concepts Discovery Bike during one of her physical therapy sessions and she instantly fell in love with the independence it gave her to be able to ride a bike like other children her age. Due to apartment living, we never tried to fundraise in the past since we had no room to keep such a bike for her. Thankfully we now find ourselves in a house with a garage where we can finally keep a bike and one of the first things she asked us was for a bike so that she could finally play outside and ride bikes like other children her age. This bike would give her some additional independence which she desires as well as give her the ability to workout and build up muscle in her legs as she also needs in hope to be able to walk independently one day again.

Family and friends we are asking you all to please, Vote, share and donate if your heart so pleases. This would be such a tremendous blessing for our princess! God Bless you all!

Ayanaliz was first introduced to Freedom Concepts Discovery Bike during one of her physical therapy sessions 2 years ago. She instantly fell in love with the freedom to ride a bike like other children her age.We never had room to store such a nice large bike for her due to apartment living and now we finally find ourselves in a home with a garage and one of the very first things our daugther asked us for was a bike she could ride.This bike would give her a sense of independence that she desires.


Last night I found myself looking through countless videos of Ayanaliz throughout the years. Our daugther has grown and accomplished so much in her 11 strong years of life. We are so grateful and thankful to our Heavenly Father for always having his almighty hand over her life and glorifying himself through her. She’s had strong years were she’s been able to walk independently and not have to rely on adaptive equipment such as forearm crutches, walker or even her wheelchair. She’s had years where she’s relied on both, walking independently and the use of her walker for not so short distances and use of her wheelchair for long distances. Today she relies mainly on her wheelchair to get around due to a decrease in her leg muscle tone and pain in her back from prolonged walking. She’s currently on a waitlist to get back into physical therapy and is absolutely thrilled to be registered in this Great Bike Giveaway! When she was younger her PT would use getting to ride this bike as a reward for her hard work in PT. You can see my girl light up as she’s rides!


Bike riding has many positive aspects for Ayanaliz - it allows her to engage in physical activity and provides opportunity for social interaction.


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