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Kimberly Biggane

Fundraising for Aubrey B's Rifton Large

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I started a fundraiser in hopes that Aubrey and I can raise enough money so she could get an adaptive bicycle - sadly she outgrew her old one. As many of you know Aubrey has Mitochondrial Disease and her abilities are declining. She has suffered from metabolic strokes, seizures, dysphagia, delayed speech etc. Aubrey deserves to feel like a typical kid at the park and ride bikes with her best friend and this bike gives her the independence and freedom that she deserves. Aubrey and I fundraised with this organization years ago and she fundraised enough to receive a bicycle. She absolutely loved her bicycle and it breaks my heart that she grew out of it so we are trying to get the biggest one which she shouldn't grow out of.

Would you be able to contribute to my fundraiser? A donation of any amount would truly help me reach my goal.

If you could also share my fundraiser link with your friends and family, it would mean so much. The more people that hear about this fundraiser the better chances Aubrey has to reach her goal.

Thank you

Aubrey outgrew her adaptive bike and needs a larger one.


Thank you for helping Aubrey reach her goal within 3 days! She did it and she WILL be riding her new bike when we get it this spring/summer! THANK YOU!!!


Aubrey is thankful for everyone who took the time to vote for her and all the generous donations. Each donation brings the new bike a reality.


This was Aubrey roughly 2 years enjoying her bicycle


Fundraising Progress
$4,005 raised of $3,200 goal


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