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Kimberly Biggane

Fundraising for Aubrey B's Rifton Adaptive Tricycles

Do you remember being a kid and getting that first bike - the feeling of being independent and confident that you can do that all by yourself? Aubrey has been trying to ride a bike successfully for 7 years and has lost so much confidence and self esteem from watching other kids younger ride a bike and her struggle. We discovered this bike in PT and fell in love because she CAN ride it by herself! Can you help her feel confident and get some independence with riding an amazing bike that grows with her! Every vote counts!!

My daughter has been wishing she can ride a bike like her friends and cousins could since she was about 3 years old. Watching her younger cousins accomplish the skills of riding a regular bike has put Aubrey in a bit of a lack of confidence which has really been hard to make her feel better. We started a great new advanced PT where they have a Rifton bicycle and she is overjoyed and has found that confidence in riding that bike! It’s so special to watch.


Thank you everyone who has donated to getting Aubrey a bike!!!! You guys rock.


Fundraising Progress
$2,350 raised of $1,850 goal

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