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Adventures With Andrew

Fundraising for Andrew D's Van Raam OPair

Please continue to donate if you are so inclined. Any amount beyond our goal will go toward bikes for other kids with special needs. xoxo

We are so grateful and humbled by your support and can't wait to get out on the trail with Andrew's new bike. Thank you!!

Our family loves going on adventures together; however, Andrew's wheelchair requires that we travel by car wherever we go. With this bike, we can use pedal power to visit our library, the farmer's market, and other favorite places around our quaint hometown. The flexibility of the detachable wheelchair on this bike will allow us to stop and enjoy indoor attractions as well.Thank you so kindly for your support!


raised of $5,745 goal

Recent Donations

1. Paula DuChesne
2. Barbara Nunn
I'm a friend of Bea Autry (Chancie's grandmother) and she told me about Andrew - glad you reached your goal!!
3. Pruehs Family
What a great bike!
4. Priya Shivdasani
5. Sondra Davis
See that you have reached your goal, but want to contribute so others can also receive this wonderful bike. Enjoy your new bike Andrew! Love, Grandpa Gary and Grandma Sondra
6. 9Alexandra Immelw