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Adrienne Sherman

Fundraising for Martin W's Flaghouse Port-O-Trike

Imagine never being able to ride a bike with your family or not having the chance to ride with friends? For a child with special needs, riding a bike is much more than exercise, it's about making them like just one of the kids.

As you may know, my child, Martin, is learning disabled. He’s a really sweet, fun young boy, but doesn’t have a chance to get out and play the way most kids his age are able.

We’ve joined the Great Bike Giveaway in an effort to raise money and give Martin the opportunity to ride a bike just like his friends and sister do.
Martin would LOVE to have a bike.
He can’t ride a traditional bike.
Adaptive bikes are expensive.
We’re trying to help him get one.
You can help.

-Adrienne Sherman

Martin needs a bike because he is a wonderful boy who wants to ride and play with his sister and friends. His disabilities affect his motor skills, so a traditional bicycle is not something he can successfully handle at this time.


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